Custom Global Connectivity Solutions

Complex network routes offered as standard products!

Diverse Connectivity, Designed and Delivered. 

North American Border Crossings

Regional & Global Long Haul Routes

Subsea Cable Access

Multiple Networks,

One Contract,

One SLA?


Yes, We Can Do That.

We design, deliver and manage network connectivity products for customers that are currently underserved by existing network providers.

We service customers that face significant coverage, design, and service gaps in their connectivity. By integrating and managing multiple underlying assets, Consuo delivers on network avoidance, diversity, and compliance objectives. 

Connect Anywhere 

Our diverse solutions span regional carriers, and utilize unique border crossings and diverse subsea cable access to create seamless routes that avoid common interconnection points.

Infrastructure Intelligence

Our highly experienced team leverages its extensive global industry knowledge of people, assets, carriers, and network architectures to quickly identify and design options.

Multi-Network Integration

We aggregate networks and deliver them as a single, integrated service.

Transparency and Documentation

Consuo provides a completely transparent picture of the elements incorporated in each design.

Single Contract

Consuo delivers customers one unified contract, one bill to pay, and a single, end-to-end Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Expert Network Management

Our team of professional engineers manage the entire solution through our 24/7/365 Network Operations Center (NOC) and provides regular service reviews and performance reports.


Why Does Consuo Exist?

The Big Guys Can’t Always Deal With Complex Connectivity

(Because it doesn’t fit on their map)

Consuo Networks was formed to address major industry gaps for customers that have non-standard requirements

  • Industry consolidation has reduced carrier choices
  • Service provider policies limit design options
  • Limited avoidance and diversity routes
  • Challenges meeting compliance and regulatory requirements
  • Substandard Disaster Recovery products

The need for complex global connectivity solutions continues to grow, as does the expertise required to design and manage them.

Use Case Scenarios

Our team has extensive experience providing solutions to enterprise-scale customers in multiple industries. Use case scenarios include:

  • Fully redundant network for a global bank
  • NTSB compliant disaster recovery network for a national railroad track management system
  • Complete disaster recovery solution for an electric utility
  • Point to multi-point private global network for an international law firm

Connectivity Issues?

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